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Agroindustry is generally interpreted as an industry that process the result of material of agriculture, plantation, forestry and marine products. Agroindustry more narrowly synonymous with the processing industry and more broadly defined as a system that encompasses agriculture, plantation, forestry and marine products. Products that produced from its process can be a finished product that can be enjoyed directly by consumers or intermediate products which become raw materials for other industries.

Agroindustry sustainable development (sustainable growth) is Agroindustry development which bases itself on the concept of sustainable, the indicators are the productivity and profitability can be maintained or improved in a relatively long time to meet human needs in the present or in the future. Another indicators of sustainable especially related to natural resources, particularly  agricultural resources to produce the raw material can be maintained and improved, because Agroindustry sustainability is highly dependent on the availability of raw materials.


The concept of sustainable Agroindustry coincided with the established Agroindustry but short-lived. In the beginning it was developed rapidly, however eventually closed due to various reasons, such as fault management, production and technology. The most important aspect of the concept of sustainable Agroindustry is the ability to reduce the negative impact of their use of natural resources used in Agroindustry.

The lack of Agroindustry competitiveness in Indonesia is generally associated with the management system that still lags behind other countries. The system mentioned are all aspects that support the sustainability of Agroindustry like, human resources, technology, production processes, quality of raw materials, processes and products, management, distribution and delivery as well as Agroindustry product marketing.

As a forum for stakeholders in the field of Agroindustry consisting of policy makers, academics and practitioners in order to support, produce and formulate proposals for Agroindustry sustainable development.


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